Grief street is an immersive interactive installation that places users in the familiar setting of a street corner. The project is framed as a social experiment to observe whether or not people would be more likely to vandalize the street corner, knowing that the environment is simulated, or more likely to clean the street, because of the social pressure of people watching them and the possibility of a reward. The project makes use of the Kinetic and i acted as a 3D modeler/ UX Designer on the a team of 4 people.

Hulk model created in Autodesk maya

Model of a Lego truck made in Maya.

Original robot created in Autodesk Maya.

I made a street corner Night scene. This video includes low resolution and high resolution versions of the scene. I’ve also shown the Wire frames of both versions. The High resolution has more than 2 million faces and the low resolution has less than 400,000.

Medieval house model made in Auto desk Maya

I made a Pyhton script for maya, that lets a user fracture any object in different ways.