The Showdown – 対決: “The Showdown” is a satirical animated short I made for my 3D animation class. It’s a spoof Japanese anime tropes. It is the story of two young men who confront each other in a dojo to settle past grievances between themselves; grievances which are completely blown out of proportion.

Odyssey Trailer: This is the trailer to a virtual reality video game I made with some classmates. I directed, wrote and edited the trailer myself.

20/20: A concept video for an interactive contact lens made on After effects and Premiere Pro.

A car chase scene I animated in Maya featuring Batman’s batmobile and a Lamborghini

A concept video for the design of a user interface and mobile app for a Self driving car animated on After effects.

A 40 second animation I made describing a mobile app idea, called QuickBrew, which helps people automatically brew coffee.

This is the first of 2 advertisements I made for the Carleton University’s School of Linguistic and Language Studies (SLaLs). I served as the illustrator of the production team.

The second advertisement made for SLaLs.

A 30 second info graphic called the age of the Super heroes I made on Adobe After effects.

I acted in, produced and edited a 60 second fictional movie trailer called Wi Fi Di. The production team including 4 other students. I edited the video in Premiere Pro.

I directed this 30 second Doritos commercial with a production team of 4 other students. The project was also edited in Premiere Pro.

A showreel of my team bloopers during the production of WiFiDi, the doritos commercial and other projects.