This piece was made in Photoshop and inspired by The Da Vinci code which was written by my favorite author: Dan Brown. I always knew Da Vinci was a great artist but his ambigrams in the book literally got my head spinning, No pun intended. An ambigram is a piece of text that can also be read upside down. This piece is an ambrigram of my own name.

I made an anti-drunk driving poster for MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) using Adobe illustrator.

An eCard I made on Adobe illustrator for a friend of mine in a WPAP art style.

A birthday card I made for my dad in a WPAP art style using Adobe Illustrator.

I illustrated and designed the layout of a two page New Yorker article about Kanye West.

Armored Armadillo pages 11 & 12

Armored Armadillo Page 9 & 10: I illustrated 2 pages of a children’s book, called the Armored Armadillo, in a colorful cubist style.

A caricature of Hugh Laurie’s character, Gregory House, from the television show House M.D. I exaggerated his head size because of how smart and condescending he is in the show.

This is a mascot I created for Norton Antivirus that sniffs out virus’s (see what I did there).

A cute Halloween character I created on Adobe illustrator called Grim Kid based of the Grim Reaper.

Bookmark design: front and back

Business card

A 3 page western comic/biography I illustrated and wrote. It is about Tom Horn, an 18th century detective, solider and hired gunman.

Graphic Design

Random art works I made on Graphic Design tools like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.