The Dancers:
This piece is a pencil drawing of two Nigerian dancers in adire (Nigerian native attire) and gele (traditional head piece) dancing to the beat of a talking drum.

Fairy-tale Castle:
This work is an imaginary pen drawing of a castle. A castle to me is a very special type of building. It’s not that they’re necessarily more beautiful or comfortable than other buildings; it’s what they represent; dreams, impossibilities, fairy-tales.

The Queen Mother:
This work is a pencil drawing of the ivory mask of Queen Idia. Queen Idia was the mother of an ancient Benin Oba (king) in Nigeria. In the early 16th century she helped her eldest son Esigie defeat his younger brother to become the Oba. She is remembered for the support she gave her son before and during his reign. I added this drawing of Idia because she reminds me of my own mother but honestly Esigie’s mother was just a fraction of what mine is.

How I Think:
This piece is an imaginary charcoal drawing of my own version of the Thinker.

How I think II:
Another charcoal drawing of the thinker.

A charcoal drawing of a seal in water.

A Painter’s Tools:
This drawing was a result of an argument I had with an art teacher. He said that painting was as easy as drawing. I disagreed with him saying that drawing was not just easier but better than painting. Because of this he gave me a challenge; to draw something he couldn’t paint. Imagine his surprise when I drew his painting set!

Hands Of Creation:
Have you ever imagined how God made human beings? Well this is my impression of how it must have been; God, I believe, took a piece of earth (or ‘dust from the earth’ as Genesis 2:7 says) and molded the human figure clay. I used brown color pencils and crayons to get the clay like female figure. The hands of creation on the other hand were draw with a charcoal pencil.

Comic Strip #1 – The Miracle:
This short strip was inspired by a priest I saw drinking alcohol. When I asked him if it was allowed he replied “Of course it is. Christ said we should drink in memory of him!”.

Comic Strip #2 – Being Nice:
This comic strip represents a universal problem; trying to help someone but just aggravated the situation. This happens to me much it seemed befitting to make a joke out of it.

The Dancer:
This piece is painted version of 'The Dancers'.

No Tree Is A Forest:
This piece is an acrylic painting of a single tree, and it’s reflection in water, on canvas. The painting symbolizes loneliness. The fruitless tree represents a recluse who achieves nothing in life, in other words bears no fruit. The reflection represents a lonely person’s only company; himself.

Horse Head:
In the movie ‘Godfather’ Johnny Fontane wanted a part in a movie but the director, Jack Woltz, refuses to give it to him. Johnny’s friend, Don, scares Woltz into giving him the part by cutting of his prize horses head and putting it in his bed. A friend of mine was really freaked out by this scene so when had a sculpting class I made this horse head by casting resin in a mold and painting it with acrylic colors. My friend woke up the next morning with the horse staring right at him.
The next 6 pieces show different views of the horse head.

The teacher that taught me how to sculpt said I should always try to give my faces expression so I gave this clay bust of an Edo man a questioning upward glare that makes it look like he’s questioning anyone who looks down on him. The following 4 pictures show the sculpture from different points.